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Transformational Grants

We often get questions about whether giving smaller, “consolation prize,” grants to Finalists who are not selected as our grant recipients at our Annual Meeting is a good practice. The Impact 100 Model is clear in specifying the minimum grant size for Impact 100 chapters is $100,000. Here is why we would caution you on [...]

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Be Bold in Your Messaging

In the summer of 2016, Impact 100 Council engaged focus groups to better ascertain how the outside world views the Impact 100 model. In very short order we learned that a) most people had never heard of Impact 100 but b) were completely blown away by the strength of the model and to your commitment [...]

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Effective Communication Tools

As your Impact 100 Chapter thinks about the New Year and all of the wonderful things that will come about as a result of your generosity and effort, you should also think about how you are going to communicate that message in 2017.  By way of reminder, below please find a list of communication tools that have [...]

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As you may know, Impact 100 Pensacola Bay Area has enjoyed a relationship with Lamar Advertising, (THE Billboard people) for many years. The Lamar people are gracious enough to electronically “announce” the number of members in Pensacola each year at the exact moment the announcement is made at the Impact 100 “live” event by synching [...]

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2016 Impact 100 Global Conference Presentation Notes

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Impact 100 Council Logos

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Impact 100 Model

Many Impact 100 chapters requested the infographic we created to describe our process. Feel free to use it on your website, on social media and in your communications. the-impact-100-model

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Impact 100 By the Numbers

These infographics are downloadable as .pdf files. Please share them with your Impact 100 chapter membership as a way of celebrating these remarkable milestones in 2018!  

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Impact of Generosity TEDx Talk

In 2014, Wendy Steele, Founder of the Impact 100 Model, gave a TEDx talk in Boca Raton, Florida. In this 11-minute presentation, she tells how and why she created Impact 100. Many Impact 100 chapters post this talk on their website, social media and email to prospective members. Please feel free to share this talk [...]

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April is National Volunteer Month & the Month of Hope!

The April issue of the Impact 100 Council Newsletter features a message of hope from founder Wendy Steele, recognition of Impact 100 Pensacola Bay Area's record-breaking year, suggestions for engaging Impact 100 members, and ideas for extending your chapter's impact through branded products.

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