Most Impact 100 chapters share one major objective – to raise more money for the mission! While the model for funding Impact 100 grants is simple and direct, your chapter might benefit by creating promotional products. Such products, giveaways, or branded goods can help your Impact 100 chapter accomplish many of its goals – some related to your external community and some to your members.

Build Awareness. Giving out appropriate promotional products offers a simple and inexpensive way to leverage your Impact 100 chapter logo and keep its name and reputation in front of the membership, local community, and and potential grant recipients. When members carry tote bags, wear T-shirts, or use everyday items with your chapter’s logo on them, they are sending a message of support for your mission. The more your local community recognizes your logo, the greater the odds in responding to “an ask” or event invitation or initiating a conversation about your mission.

Demonstrate Appreciation. Impact 100 chapters can never say thank you or recognize the sponsors who contribute to your success enough. Showing regular appreciation to members, friends, and sponsors can help keep them motivated and committed to your cause.

Awards and plaques can be especially valuable to sponsors that display them in their offices and to individuals who will proudly place them in their homes. In the accompanying thank-you note, remind your members that whenever they wear or use their appreciation gift, they are helping to advance your Impact 100 chapter’s mission.

The products that leave the most positive impression and that members keep longer are: outerwear, shirts, recognition items (awards, plaques), caps/headwear, flash drives, health and safety products, desk/office accessories, and bags. Items like stickers, pins, clips, wallet-sized calendars, pens, pencils, golf tees, and magnets are a few of the less expensive giveaways.

Promotional products give your Impact 100 chapter an affordable way to build goodwill, demonstrate appreciation, and gain community recognition. Letting people know that you are making an IMPACT in a tangible way is worth considering!