In the summer of 2016, Impact 100 Council engaged focus groups to better ascertain how the outside world views the Impact 100 model. In very short order we learned that a) most people had never heard of Impact 100 but b) were completely blown away by the strength of the model and to your commitment to giving back. The immediate question tended to be, “why are we only hearing about this now?”

In terms of messaging, the takeaways from the focus groups were clear. First and foremost, people loved that Impact 100 is: women run; locally focused; and, accessible (after all, $2.74 a day to get you to you $1000 a year). As a secondary point, people wanted a more complete picture of who the grant recipients are and how their lives have been affected as a result of the grants.

People are drawn to the Impact 100 model – that is certain.  However, it is also certain that we, the Impact 100 brand, would benefit from more consistent messaging about who we are and who we are reaching. To this, I would challenge each chapter to be bold and prolific in telling our Impact 100 stories.

Here is top line messaging that resonates best:

  • We’re women run.
  • We’re locally focused (or community focused).
  • We’re accessible.
  • We give 100% of what we’ve raised back to our communities.

And, then, be sure to share specific examples of how our real-life Impact 100 grants are transforming the lives of others.  Let’s be bold – we’ve got a great story to tell.