As your Impact 100 Chapter thinks about the New Year and all of the wonderful things that will come about as a result of your generosity and effort, you should also think about how you are going to communicate that message in 2017.  By way of reminder, below please find a list of communication tools that have proven to work for Impact 100.

Branding: using a standardized logo and tagline with clear guidelines for use.

Publicity: developing relationships with the local media for feature articles, TV and radio spots; writing press releases; preparing Impact 100 boilerplate.

Photography: using professional quality images of membership events, grants finalists, and, especially, grant recipients.

Website: hosting a well-designed site built with modern technology and updated on a regular basis.

Email Marketing: crafting regularly scheduled messages to membership, local nonprofits and other groups through services such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and Emma.

Talking Points: summarizing the Impact 100 model in a short document and distributing to all members to assist with member recruitment and the media.

Social Media: maintain up-to-date Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to reinforce email marketing messages, publicize events, and engage new audiences.

Presentations: provide a scripted, consistent Power Point and/or professionally produced video about your Impact 100 chapter for any member to use for public presentations.