The Impact 100 model demands a very thorough analysis and vetting process for nonprofit grant applicants. We take great care to ensure a level playing field for our applicants while each member thoughtfully casts her vote.

Once the grant has been selected and the funds distributed, we continue to shepherd these nonprofits as they utilize our funds for their programs and projects. This is a vital and often time-consuming side of Impact 100 that many members may not fully realize. Once the grant recipient has been identified, grant stewardship requires we follow up to ensure all funds are spent in accordance with the intent of our members when they voted to select the original grant application.

In addition, it is critical to track the outcomes of the grants. It is best practice to follow up with the recipients to document the “impact” of our grants. This might include population benefitting from the program, geographic reach and other data points specific to the particular grant recipient. Gathering and retaining this kind of data will be extremely beneficial to your Impact 100 Chapter and the entire Impact 100 community.