Many Impact 100 chapters find that “finishing well” includes seeking feedback through member surveys. Here are some tips for maximizing response rates.

Timing: Capitalize on the excitement and enthusiasm generated by your annual meeting by sending the member survey within a week of this date. Members will be more likely to respond when the event is still top-of-mind.

Pre-notification: Let your members know the survey is coming. Include a notice in your newsletter, post the information on social media, or make an announcement at your annual meeting to let members know that they can expect to be receiving their survey in the next few days.

Cover letter: Include a personalized cover letter that explains why the survey is being done and why it is important for Impact 100 members to participate.  If possible, address the letter directly to the member using their name.

Make it digital: Consider using a company such as Survey Monkey, which provides web-based surveys free of charge. This makes the process of returning the survey almost effortless.

SASE: If you decide to send your survey through the mail, include a pre-addressed stamped envelope for returns; making members pay for postage and searching for envelopes will almost always lower response rates.

Return date & reminder. Impact members will be more likely to respond right away if they have a deadline and sending out one or two reminders to members who have not returned the survey as the return date approaches will help generate higher response rates.

Thank you: Sending out a ‘thank you notice’ lets members know that their time and opinions are valued, and this will help to increase response rates for future surveys. Services like Survey Monkey can do this automatically for you.

Share: Finally, don’t forget to share the results of your survey via your chapter website or in your newsletter. Taking the time to summarize the results can provide important and engaging talking points for your members to share with friends who might be interested in joining your Impact 100 chapter.