The Santa Rosa County Creek Indian Tribe will soon be home to a Native American Cultural Center, almost three decades in the making. The cultural center was made possible by two IMPACT 100 grants the tribe received totaling $210,700; it will break ground on August 1, 2017.

This Center will serve as a focal point for all things of the Native American culture and will provide public access to the more than 3,000 Native American artifacts in the possession of the Tribe. The multi-purpose room and covered area will provide space for seminars and performances. Topics will range from history, heritage and culture of Native Americans to health and wellness. It will also provide both an indoor and outdoor space for demonstrations of Native American dancing, singing and drumming and other cultural demonstrations. They will be used for presentations and hands on learning of Native American crafts such as stick weaving, bow and arrow making, drum making, traditional clothing and jewelry making as well as the traditional use of herbs. The genealogy resource center complete with documents, books and other information amassed over many years will be made available to the public. These resources will be invaluable assistance in researching and documenting Native American ancestry. While small tribes in the area have organized to help preserve the Native American culture, not one possesses the membership, land, facilities and resources of the Tribe. The Native American Cultural Center will increase awareness of, and engender a greater appreciation and understanding of, the culture of Native Americans and their connection with the natural world. It is the hope of the Tribe that the greater impact will be a tolerance and sensitivity towards other peoples and their cultures. This will be born from the idea that education and understanding bring down barriers that cause division.